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The Power of Prayer

“Prayer is in a certain sense almighty, able to overcome God himself.” –Fr. F.X. Lasance

We have a most remarkable example of the power of prayer in Moses. Holy Scripture relates this fact: “The people seeing that Moses delayed to come down from the mountain made for themselves a golden calf, and offered to it holocausts and peace-victims.” And the Lord spoke to Moses, “Thy people have sinned. Let Me alone, that My wrath may be kindled against them” (Exod. xxxii: 1-10).

Why should God, who is almighty and irresistible ask Moses to “let Him alone” – that is, not to interfere with His design of destroying the idolatrous Israelites? What could Moses affect against God? But Moses could pray, and he did interfere and said to God, “Let Thy anger cease, and be appeased upon the wickedness of Thy people.” His prayer met with perfect success, for it appeased God’s wrath.

Prayer is, then, in a certain sense almighty, able to overcome God himself.

Taken from Fr. Lasance‘s “With God”, 1911.