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Francis Xavier (F.X.) Lasance

Reverend Francis Xavier (F.X.) Lasance was born on January 24, 1860 and died on December 11, 1946. He compiled 39 different prayer books and spent the majority of his life in Cincinnati, OH. A gold foil bookmark holy card was placed in many of his books. We recreated this card in a steel blue color shown below. It read as follows:

“All books of devotion are good at Mass; it is quite right to say the rosary at Mass; but the Missal is preferable, being pre-eminently the product of the mind and heart of the Church.”
— From “The New Missal for Every Day” by Fr. Lasance

“The fullest measure of happiness even here on earth is attained by harmonizing one’s conduct with the commandments of God, by doing well one’s duties to God and man.”
— From “My Prayer Book” by Fr. Lasance

“Like a pillar of fire, prayer will lead you unharmed through the perils of this world. Prayer will open for you the gates of everlasting blessedness.”
— From the “Catholic Girls Guide” by Fr. Lasance

“There are children enough, and plenty of weaklings. Be manly; and, although young in years, put to shame those who call themselves mature, although not such either in thought or deed.”
— From “The Young Man’s Guide” by Fr. Lasance

“Everything tends to the good of those who love God.”
— From “Reflections for Religious” by Fr. Lasance

“The Lamp of the Sanctuary is the light which shines for us and shows us where Jesus reposes.”
— From “Visits to Jesus in the Tabernacle” by Fr. Lasance

Below is a link to a very good article written by Joe Hanneman and published by Catholic World Report. Link posted with permission.

One thought on “Francis Xavier (F.X.) Lasance

  1. Fr. Lasance was a master at targeting groups with his prayer books. The Prayer Book for Religious, The Catholics Girls Guide and The Young Mans Guide are ideal for each of these categories of individuals, accordingly. But, if I had to choose one prayer book to satisfy the needs of most people it would be My Prayer Book.

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